Strategic Organizational Change

Princeton MCG provides advice to senior executives on the management of strategic organizational change. Our goal is to assist leaders in creating organizations with the capacity to achieve short-term business objectives while building long-term competitive advantage. In total, we support the development of new ways of operating in rapidly shifting industries—including fundamental changes in a firm’s organization and people.

Our clients are executives of Fortune 1000 firms in industries in which the competitive rules are being rewritten. They seek our support in addressing the challenges they face as leaders striving to transform their organizations. We offer an independent, disciplined perspective on building and sustaining high performance organizations.

Our consulting services focus on three areas:

  • Leadership—Developing senior team work practices and processes to ensure high performance; building leadership feedback, development and succession planning systems; providing confidential executive coaching on change leadership.
  • Senior Team—Working with senior executives on developing high-performing teams.
  • Organization—Creating an integrated change agenda to transform the way a firm operates; designing and implementing new organizational structures and management processes; facilitating lasting culture change; developing new core competencies.

In each of these areas, we work closely with clients to develop innovative alternatives for improving organizational performance. We draw on our experience working with a variety of leaders and firms from different industries. We also contribute to the latest thinking on organization and management through our writing and public speaking. In total, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop innovative yet pragmatic solutions to complex organizational problems.

We work, in contrast to many large consulting firms, in a manner that increases internal ownership of problems and their resolution. Our consultants partner, as needed, with organizational leaders at different phases in the transformation process—clarifying goals, analyzing problems, designing recommendations and implementing solutions. We strive to transfer our business renewal knowledge and tools in order to enhance the ability of a corporation to more effectively manage change today and in the future. A sign of our success is the degree to which our clients fully own and execute their change initiatives.

A common set of operating principles shapes how we work. We share:

  • Strategic View of Business Challenges
  • Systemic Approaches to Deep-Level Change
  • Drive for Achievement and Concrete Results

These principles have allowed us to build long-term partnerships with the leaders of some of the most successful firms in the world.