Illustrative Work

Consulting Services

Senior Team Effectiveness

An Executive Vice President sought to enhance the ability of his senior team to implement a new competitive strategy. The work focused on improving the performance of the team in regard to a few key business challenges. The result was improved performance on these initiatives and a disciplined process to enhance the overall effectiveness of the senior team.

Leadership Development

The senior Human Resources leadership of a consumer products firm sought to develop new approaches to selecting and developing the leaders of the future. The work included articulation of new leadership competencies and the creation of new processes to ensure leadership strength at every organizational level.

Executive Coaching

The CEO of a large multinational corporation sought to enhance his leadership style. Processes were established to provide the leader with ongoing feedback regarding his leadership impact in regard to transformational change. The work included a personal action plan and ongoing support to enhance his effectiveness with key constituencies (including his Board, Wall Street, employees, and key customers).

Organizational Design

The CEO of a high growth firm sought to develop a new corporate architecture. The design work assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the firm’s current design in relation to a longer-term strategic intent. A series of structural alternatives were developed with an internal design team and evaluated against a set of design criteria. A new long-term design was selected and a phased implementation plan developed.

Culture Change

The transition team of a large conglomerate sought to change the organization’s culture to meet new competitive demands. A cultural assessment was used to identify the key assumptions that were influencing how things were done in the organization. A culture change game plan was developed and implemented over several years.

Organizational Transformation

The President of a Fortune 100 firm sought to implement a new organizational structure in response to changing market conditions. The work addressed necessary changes in organizational policies and practices as well as the informal organization. An integrated change agenda was developed and implemented in collaboration with an internal transition team.